You Aren’t Allergic to Gluten. The Economist explains the gluten debate

Gluten-free goods are a booming business. So what is gluten and is it really that bad for you?

* “A gluten free cake, is still a cake.”

That’s the best line of the whole damb video, great way to close it out. The best point of the entire video is that the whole movement, to make people healthy, or the belief that it does, it not really based in the gluten at all. Its eating better, and healthier and cutting out sugars and white breads and products. Thats where you find gold.

I was one of those cats who never really subscribed to believing in the gluten free thing, its too much work, and no one really knows what it is. Except the people who really need to be gluten free. My brothers wife is one of those people. And its come up in conversations before. She knows what she is talking about so I trust her word. But I would argue that it is another fad on a whole bunch of levels and the millions of people who claim that they need to be gluten free, dont, and they are just doing it because it sounds right.

gluten free sales

Businesses dont care. They are in it to make money. And if its what the people want (and judging by the chart in the video, they do) the companies will give it to them!

ICYMI : What is … Gluten, and is it in all of my food?