Yeop … I want a house (this house) in the Trousdale Estates

bedroom view

* I think of this song while I look at images of this house…. (I don’t know why) : Music by Beth Hart “My California”

Trousdale Estates is a neighborhood in Beverly Hills, California. Tons of celebs live down there and don’t even bother logging on the internets and thinking about buying one of these houses unless you have private banker. If you can’t get a cat on the phone to cut a check for a couple of mil, or you don’t have a black card in your portfolio, you are just gonna make yourself upset… I tend to live on that side of things (not the private banker, but the making myself upset side) so I look at house like this all the time.

This one, I don’t know the addy on, but I was looking at the homes interior designers website and this house is just filthy. The artists name is William Herner and his work is incredible. He does architecture, interiors and landscaping. This house is >>>>


bedroom look

pool view house



pool view


trousdale estates google map