Yelawolf Drops a Freestyle Over Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’

yelawolf money

I’ve been a fan of Yela for a while now and if you haven’t been paying attention to this kid, you are missing out on some incredible music. It all started with this crazy promo photo of him with a bottle of Black Label sitting in an old school that I saw on some blog. It didn’t jive with the music that I’d heard before that. But the image was dooooooope. I looked up the kids story and was blown away by him. Anyways, the music has pretty much always been good even though his label and distribution structure hadn’t been. He’s a dude that been through it but continues to produce quality shit, and you have to appreciate that.

Plus, his boo thang is Fefe Dobson, so you can’t argue with a cat when he has solid taste like that.

Last week, and I slipped and didnt post it, but he dropped an ill freestyle over a Primus beat. Today, he followed it up with this one. I can’t think of another artist who could pull off a Pink Floyd sample.

If you aren’t hip to this Alabama native, you might want to look him up. Trunk Muzik. Slumerican. Psycho White. Radioactive. Just put all of that in your google machine and find out about the dude. I almost don’t want to call him a rapper because that would be selling him short. He’s got an album coming out, called Love Story. You are going to want to be hip.