Work Out With This :: LG’s Lifeband Touch

lg lifeband touch 2

At CES, wearable technology is one of the hottest trends. Watch as Tim Alessi, Director of Product Development — LG Electronics, demonstrates how the LG Lifeband Touch fitness wristband works. From tracking your workouts and miles traveled to your daily calorie burn, the LG fitness band allows you to comfortably monitor your activity and performance over time, and identify trends. – Experience LG

* Interesting new wearable fitness band from LG. We’ve seen a ton of these and they are all pretty much the same thing – a pedometer on steroids – and they are good but they don’t do what we all would want them to do. Lets see what they have go thats new. Its still emerging, just being displayed at CES, but there is more to come, for sure.

Its got some added features and some more extensive integration with your phone and music that we haven’t really seen before, but it measures steps, it measures something while you sleep, it has alerts and monitors everything and connects wirelessly and uploads information to your phone, blah blah blah… the only thing I wonder, and I do with ALL of these fitness bands, is when is one going to come out that truly measures EVERYTHING you do while you work out.

I’ve yet to see one that can accurately measure biking / spinning or any activity that is seat based and not something that can be calculated with an accelerometer as you walk. Is it that hard?

Maybe there is, but I don’t know about it… once they come up with that, someone will kill it!

lg lifeband touch 3
Image via the VERGE