Whoa. Skinny CC Sabathia Alert.

Whoa… this picture came over the internets this weekend and its a surprise to a lot of folks. CC is a big dude. Always has been and always will be… His profile on the internet is 6 foot 7 and about 290 pounds – but thats a program weight – and he hasn’t been that since college probably.

Over the years he’s got very rich for being one of the best pitchers of the game and with the spoils comes riches and usually a little bit of weight… a lil bit of weight for a guy that is over 6′ 6 is a lot for us mere mortals. He’s getting to that point in his career though where taking care of your body becomes priority number one to extend your game days, so shouts out to CC, and with the off-season workouts, you can tell that he is in that mindset. Hasn’t had the best seasons as of late, with both team success and personal. You can tell that he wants to change that.

I’m gonna do a little bit of investigating and things like that to see if there was anything special that he did or if he just got back to work, had his chef cook him better meals and worked out twice a day.

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