Where Can I eat video…. Mama Natural x A GMO-free CHIPOTLE Experience

This is a great little video I found today from Mama Natural called, How to Eat GMO-Free at Chipotle, and how I found it was kind of random. There was some news going around the internets that Chipotle was considering changing some of their meat standards, and using beef that had antibiotics amid a shortage of antibiotic free meat in the US. (Bloomberg Report Below)

As I was looking for the Bloomberg video on youtube, for something that posted today or this week, this video popped up on the first page. I was taken by the title and dove right in. Lovely video, with some really good information and I checked in to this mama Natural chick and I like her site and what she is all about!

Chipotle for one, is one of my favorite food places on the planet earth… I even have a gift card that I just keep putting money on because I go there so much..

chipotle card

We already know how good they are with humanely raised food. Everyone is recognizing how good they are. If you head to the page of the video producer, Mama Natural, there are a few options of the GMO free burrito bowl. This is my favorite one:

Meal Option #3 (GMO-Free): Black Beans, Lettuce, Tomato Salsa, Roasted, Corn Salsa, Guacamole

Head to Mama Natural and like her page on Facebook and follow her on twitter and subscribe to her youtube page. She’s awesome!

Here is the Bloomberg report if you are interested in that: