Where Can I Eat … Tony’s Deli in Burbank, CA?

Tony’s Deli in Burbank was one of my favorite sando shops before I decided to take on this mission, and I thought I was going to be out of luck and have to look for a more ‘sustainable’ place to get my sandwich fix….but now that they are serving Boars Head meats, they definitely qualify… I never really thought there was any huge difference until I rolled in one day and found out that Boars Head meat is totally good for you… or as good for you as an animal protein can be…  From the BH website:

At Boar’s Head we start with only the finest ingredients available, just as we’ve done continuously for over a century. We are proud to say that our meats and cheeses contain no fillers, gluten, artificial colors, flavors or trans fat. We wouldn’t put anything in our products that you wouldn’t put on your own table.

We use pure beef, pork and poultry, and real spices. Our ham is trimmed by hand the old-fashioned way, and our turkey and chicken is oven roasted, just the way you roast yours. Most importantly we maintain unwavering standards of quality.

This is good to know, and I am glad that I found this out, and now I can put Tony’s Deli on Olive in Burbank on my approved list… I liked it anyway and now I like it more. Tony’s Deli, ur approved!!

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  1. Do you know that Boar’s Head adds MSG to their products? It says they don’t on their website, but if you call them, they will tell you that they do add it to some.

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