Where Can I Eat :: “The Rustic Spoon” in NOHO

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Located in North Hollywood, The Rustic Spoon offers Thai fusion cuisine including Pho, Curries, Drunken Noodles and the brownest rice you’re going to find, along with specialty teas, Vietnamese coffee and refreshing specialty drinks.

They are open Mon – Sat from 11:00 am – 9:30 pm and on Sundays from 4:00 pm – 9:30 pm

I’ve only gone there for lunch, never dinner, but for a lunch spot its pretty on point. Great recommendations on YELP, local to the office and the penthouse, and anyplace with an eggplant dish that is right, is right with me, so its become a go to spot of mine on the healthy tip. As soon as you come in to the spot you are greeted with that beautiful table. I’m not one of those cats… “Beautiful table” …. but its kind of striking and I can imagine that if you eat there and its crowded its a cool communal type of feel to eating there.

Easy orders. I got the eggplant dish, with chicken, another friend from work got the same thing with tofu and someone else ordered the pad thai. The pics are of the to-go order and I’m a little reckless when I drive so thats why stuff is lightweight all over the place. I’m sure that they dress a plate beautifully when they bring it to the table for guests.

Here you go as you walk in…..

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4 pad thai

Pad Thai noodle with bean sprout and egg with chicken and beef combo for 10 bucks.

I didn’t try it but she said it was good and it smelled amaze. I’m just not a big fan of pad thai noodles to start with. I trust her judgement.

5 roti

Roti Bread with curry dipping sauce and cucumber salad for 7 bucks

Loved the bread… not a huge on the sauces. I was expecting a different curry sauce, but it is as described. A dipping sauce is a dipping sauce. I didn’t use much of it but definitely crushed the cucumber salad with the bread.

6 eggplant

Eggplant with chili, garlic and basil sauce with chicken for 11 bucks. Comes with a side of brown or white rice, I chose brown… and scoop some in there as I matriculate through the dish.

Real talk, this is the only thing that I’ve eaten here and I’ve been like 10 times. Its that good to me.

I asked for a small side of Sriracha… and I got almost a full to go ramekin. I’m down for that!

7 sriracha

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The Rustic Spoon : 4384 Lankershim Blvd in North Hollywood, CA 91602

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