Where Can I Eat … Coney Dog Detroit Style in West Hollywood, CA?

Sooooo, I have a buddy from Detroit, who lives out here in los angeles. We are better than buddies, we were actually roommates a few years back. This gent was very much like me, we like to party the same way, drink the same way, attracted to the same girls, whatever… We ate the same garbage food :: there was a time where between us and a couple other friends of our at the apartment could only scrape together about 20 bucks until our next payday, we went to the corner store and bought all their 40 ouncers and went to D’s and bought as many .39 cent hamburgers that we could, it was a mess :: so as you can see, we became fatasses. But about a year ago, he made the dive and became vegan. He’s lost a ton of weight, and looks great, but still gets random cravings. So, lo and behold, they decided to build a Coney Dog about 5 minutes from his apartment. Being from Detroit, I had heard this guy raving about place and their Faygo root beers many times before and I was looking forward to trying it out. I was skeptical because, with his new found eating habits, how the hell is he going to be able to make a chili dog spot work?

He seemed none too worried about it, gave me the “you’ll see” attitude, which I just figured he was going to allow himself a cheat day since a long lost love was opening a franchise in town.To my surprise, when we get there, they actually have vegetarian and vegan choices on the menu! That picture above, is the vegan hot dog, vegan chili frnch fries and a root beer. yeah, I know… I was shocked too. Now, I’m obviously a meat eater, and I can’t endorse the vegan dog. I just didnt like the texture, its not for me, but if you are looking for an alternative, you are in the money.

I was blown away by this meal, because for having a chili cheese dog, and chilil cheese fries, I had a surprisingly light feeling in my stomach. Usually if you go to weinerschnitzel, or tommy’s or fatbeezie and have anything with chili on it… you feel like a total slob. Here, you definitely get the effects of having chili size stuff, but you get relief soon. There isnt neeeearly the kind of grease you get from chilis and no heartburn, no overstuffed feeling, just a good meal and a good time. I wholeheartedly give this place the IME seal. I have been back twice since the first time I went. I’m a fan. Cheers!