When I win MEGA MILLIONS : This is What Happens Next

lotto winner

Ok, ok ok… anyone who knows me knows that I have a thing for the lottery. Now before you get on your high horse and talk about how much of a waste of money it is, I get it, I really do, but as I always say, after I heard a young Nasir Jones say “that buck that bought the bottle could’ve struck the lotto” on Lifes a Bitch, I literally began to play the lotto every time it was out.

I’m not one of those cats that drops 20 bucks on tickets, but i play $1 with every super lotto and every mega millions draw. I understand that its basically throwing away money, and chances of winning are 1 in 100m… but because i drink scotch and i eat pizza and find all sorts of other reasons to trick off money, in my mind i think, “if i can spend money on that shit, whats one dollar every couple of days, when there is a chance that this one dolla could turn me rich as fu…. I can spare the buck.

So, lets just advance in our mind to next week, after I win the lotto this weekend, and see what I’m going to do finish out this year.

Now, this post is after all of the regular shit gets taken care of, of course. The stuff you have to do, like gets your ma dukes a new crib anywhere she wants and an assistant to do anything and everything that she demands at every single moment of the day.

This is after you ask your pops what he wants and you take care of all that.

This is after you pay off the majority of debt for your family. This is after I set up a trust account to pay off all of my friends student loans (I know that struggle. That struggle is real. I want to lift that off of all my peoples shoulders).

This is after we figure out which cause we want to get behind and how we want to support it.

This is after I take 50 mil off the top for the rainy day fund, just in case I pull a Hammer and burn through everything…

Lets look at the numbers, and I’ll make it simple:

The jackpot is $400+, and we’ll just say its $200 mil lump sum after taxes and fees and all that bs. We say that taking care of the family debt, for the most part, is going to run you about a mil? By the way, but I mean short term debt and stuff like that. I would get creative with the house notes to take care of them. I’m just spitballing here, I’d set up a real estate company and have everyone who owns a home in my family as a partner in the firm, put a couple (5 lets say) million in a trust account or hedge fund and let the growth and dividend payments pay the monthly… I literally just made that up, but it makes sense and I’m sure there are people smarter than me who could figure that ish out.

Lets say that for friends student debt, we are running around 7 million for everyone I know. Thats a totally random number, but I think that would cover it. I’ll even go as high as 10 million just to be sure. If we have some left over we’ll just set up a scholarship to send as many kids to school as we can.

We havent even gotten through 20 million dollars yet and we’ve effectively wiped the debt away from a ton of people. To finish it out, I’d take all of the outstanding credit card debt from my friends and just write that shit off. Now, I’ve got some friends that know how to spend some bread, yes I’m talking about YOU, but I still don’t think it could collectively be more than 4 million dollars, right?

So, now I’m around a buck twenty five left. After all of that… All of my friends are debt free, my fam is skraight, I’ve set aside $50 mil if I go Hammer on-em, and we still have $120+ million to spend. Good lahd.

Cribs first:

hollywood hills house 1

hollywood hills house 2

hollywood hills house 3

Some light work in Sunset Plaza – 90069 | $2,375,000 – 3 Beds / 3 Baths | 2,542 Sq. Ft

This pvt. villa, formerly a celebrity residence, offers a rare flat grassy yd w/ pool. The open great room features newly refinished hdwd floors, handsome fireplace & beamed ceiling. The kitchen is beautifully done w/ top-of-the-line appliances incl. Sub-Zero, Viking range & Bosch dishwasher. There are 3 spacious bdrms up, each w/ a backdrop of city lights. Dual master bdrms feature tons of closet space & cozy fireplaces. One boasts a pvt. balcony & shared bath while the other suite offers vaulted ceilings, walk-in closet & pvt. bath. Both baths are updated w/ tumbled stone, soaking tub, dual sinks & separate showers. This prestigious location defines an upscale, refined lifestyle & offers easy access to the Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills & WeHo w/ shopping, dining & entertainment. Security system & 2-car garage

and of course you know I need my crib in Canadia….

graham house 1

graham house 2

Graham House is still considered his most notable midcentury modern residential project. Situated in scenic Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver, BC, the house was built as a series of interlocking volumes descending the rocky slopes – grainedit.com

For me, thats really all I would need. I’m not a huge Miami dude or New York dude. Don’t get me wrong, I like those places, but don’t love them…. if I go, I’ll just go presidential suite or short term rental at Lil Wayne’s place. Anywhere else, I’m just a traveler like anyone else.


range 1

The $185k Range Rover LWB Autobiography Black (with Valloire White Paint)

The Porsche Panamera

white porsche panamera
image via

…and this is what I will be driven around in, eff that Maybach noise, I’ll just post in the back of this 760Li

bmw 760LI 1

bmw 760LI 2

Image 1 : 2

Of course I need to gets my Lakers tickets:

Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli Lakers
image via

staples lakers celebrity seating

I’d love to sit next to Jack and always get on TV and stuff, but I think hanging out with Leo and the boys would be much funner… Jack may have been where the party was at back in the 80’s and 90’s, but no one is winning life like Leo right now…

So, that is all the stuff that I do to get set up (and come back home to) …. then its gas up the Net Jet and go somewhere.

First trip, is the crew trip. Vegas.

MGM SKYLOFTS. That is all.


Eden Rcok, St. Barths : For a month

eden rock st barths


private jet brazil world cup

Because I want to see this in person.

giant christ

There is more for this post, but my lunch break is over….. but I still have a couple of movies and tvs shows to produce, I still have to throw a birthday party on a boat, I still have to buy some new clothes…. man, spending this money is going to take some effort!

I will also be getting one ridiculous piece of jewelry or two….


It wont be like that though… probably one of those Kobe watches.

kobe hublot