What to do with broccoli stalks : Broccoli Chips … that will be for broccoli nachos?

broccoli stalk

I came up with something lowkey genius tonight, that I realized a whollllle bunch of other people have come up with long before I did, broccoli chips!

See, I have these beautiful stalks of broccoli that I used in another meal but I was left with the stalks after I got my butcher on with the florets… I put the word out to the single chicks that I know asking, ‘what the hell do you do with stalks?” and not 10 seconds after I sent out the instagram share, I came up with something so simple.

Why not just slice them and bake them or saute them. Make them into chips!

After googling ‘broccoli chips’ I realized that I hadnt come up with anything new, but I did come up with something that might knock your dick off.. how about ‘broccoli chip NACHOS.”

Fuck with me you know I got it! Who would think of something like that but me? This is going to take some creative thinking, but why not? Why not go black beans, guac, a lil bit of chee, jalapeño, and some other stuff on little itty bitty broccoli chips? That seems kind of live, right?

broccoli chips

I like this idea and its going to take some creative execution, but I think I’ve got a winner. Make sure to keep up with IME in the future, I might be on to something….