What is Choose Health LA and a Choose Health LA Restaurant?

Choose Health LA seeks to improve nutrition, increase physical activity and reduce obesity, especially in disadvantaged communities in LA County. CHLA is working to transform the environment that we live in that contributes to overweight, obesity and sedentary lifestyles and replace it with a new standard where the healthy choice is the easy choice.

choose health LA

Choose Health LA Restaurants is a partnership between the LA County Department of Public Health and local restaurants to promote healthier meal choices for customers across Los Angeles County. A restaurant with the Choose Health LA decal in the window offers customers the option of smaller portion sizes and healthier children’s meals.

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I like this because it a lot more of an inclusive way to do things and an attempt to change the way people think about drinking and eating and getting an active lifestyle. Some cities try to pass laws to make the people change, and thats not really working. Some cities and town have a population of people that did it themselves.

This is kind of a middle ground, the government is helping and making it easier to make better choices. I wonder if it will work….