Wendell Pierce on Sterling Farms and Sterling Express grocery and convenience stores to fight “Food Deserts” in New Orleans


A food desert is a district with little or no access to large grocery stores that offer fresh and affordable foods needed to maintain a healthy diet. Instead of such stores, these districts often contain many fast food restaurants and convenience stores. There are a few things that factor into food deserts are physical access, financial access or just an attitude of the customers in the surrounding area having little knowledge about nutrition or food preparation. In studies, food deserts disproportionately affect socially segregated groups in urban areas, specifically single mothers, children, and the elderly living in underprivileged urban neighbourhoods.

Families and individuals without a car (something that is particularly present in New Orleans) are also at a higher disadvantage in terms of their access to healthy food in food deserts. Wendell Pierce is out to change that in NOLA:

Listen to April D. Ryan, White House correspondent and American Urban Radio Networks podcaster talk to Wendell about Food Deserts below:

In response to a lack of access to quality fresh food in many post-Katrina New Orleans’ neighborhoods, Wendell Pierce along with 2 partners started a chain of grocery stores named Sterling Farms in 2012. The stores will be located in lower income neighborhoods that were underserved both prior to and after Katrina. Here is a background story that CBS did in 2012….This is the kind of stuff that we like to see. Here at TBC, we definitely like to post the ridiculousness that we see in the world today, but when we see something like New Orleans actor Wendell Pierce trying to help his hometown by making more grocery stores and fresh food available in under served neighborhoods, we definitely need to give that a shout out too. Using his celebrity and dollars to make a difference. We need more of this. Check out some of the reports about the store openings down here…

After a year in the making Marrero residents now have full service grocery store. Before hand, the area was known as a food desert with little to no access to fresh and affordable foods. This was all made possible because of a partnership between actor Wendell Pierce and New Orleans businessman Troy Henry.