Well, I Do Love Japan annnd Tokyo seems like a great place to be right now….

I saw this picture on INSTAGRAM and it got me thinking about how much I like Japan, or at least the idea of Japan. I wouldn’t know if I actually love it because I’ve been too lame to actually pack a bag and just go. One of my best friends is Japanese and for like 6 years she has answered every single question I’ve had, now, she just cuts me off when I start in because I’ve asked to many!!!

At this point, she is over it and is just like, “GO!!! You will love it, I promise.”

And she’s right. I need to just pack the bag and do it. For now, here are a few videos and specials that are on the internets that I’ve watched time and time again. Why is it so far though… and why will it cost me like a million dollars to get over there???

I’ve got a Thailand trip that I’m doing with the homies, in January, but I might have to treat myself to a Japan trip some time later next year to check that one off my bucket list. Dammit, the World Cup is in the summer… don’t know if I can make it happen.

While navigating the extensive train systems in Japan, Scott manages to get them to the South. Meanwhile, Justin struggles with language barriers and very different food. Things settle when they leave the city behind to find the more natural side.