Watch :: “‘Yonce” Girls Joan Smalls, Chanel Iman and Jordan Dunn make VEGAN THAI CHILI on Season 3 Premiere of WELL DUNN

In the season premiere Jourdan is joined by fellow “‘Yonce” models Joan Smalls and Chanel Iman who make a vegan Thai chili in honor of their work on the music video, and the 22 Days challenge. – L+T

yonce girls well dunn 1

Its no secret how much of a fan of Jourdan Dunn we are here over at IME, but dammit man, I feel like I’ve been missing out because I’m not familiar with this Joan Smalls character! #shesboriqua*

Not that JD isn’t enough, not that two more models isn’t enough, but they just so happen to be making VEGAN THAI CHILI which is right up my newfound IME alley. Its vegan. Its chili. and its “Thai.” I fun with vegan. I love chili. and I just came back from Thailand so I still have that hankering… this is good.

yonce girls well dunn 2

For the complete written recipe and lots of more content, head to the L+T youtube page here

If you haven’t seen the YONCE video, here’s a preview. Go buy the album on iTunes and you will get the whole thing bishes!

* Upon further investigation, I may be in love with this girl. Check out this answer she gave when someone messed around and asked her about her ethnicity:

In an interview with Joan clarified how she identifies herself

“There’s been some debate in the media about what race you identify yourself as. Can you clear the air?

People always try to claim you, and I think that’s amazing — claim me all you want. I DON’T like specifically being in ONE category because I come from a family that’s diverse and multi-racial. My mother is Puerto Rican, she’s light skinned, but if you know what a Puerto Rican is, it has African, it has Taíno Indian and it has Spaniard, so I’m all of that. My father is West Indian from Saint Thomas. I’m just an island girl. I’m West Indian, I’m Puerto Rican, I’m African, I’m Taíno, I have some Irish in me, I have some Indian, so I’m just a proud mutt.

That’s perfect.