Watch :: Victoria’s Secret Angels Fake-Eating Wings on Stephen Colbert

Stephen gets a visit from Victoria’s Secret Angels Adriana Lima, Taylor Hill and Behati Prinsloo.

Ok, a few things here.

I’m exagerrating when I say that the Angels are fake eating the wings, because the two shorties on the right are going innnnnnnn, especially that tall drink of water in the middle. She comes at that first wing like she is a good midwestern girl that hasn’t seen a tall stack of wings like that since she left to pursue her dreams in the big city.

Victorias Secret Angels Colbert

You gotta respect Adriana’s swag because she is like, look – if I’m going to ruin my fitness and diet situation its going to be for a proper churrascaria instead of these pieces of chicken drenched in gooey sauce. Respect. That one on the far right just looks like she is there for the laughs, and trust me mama, I aint mad at you.

Shouts out to Adriana Lima by the way, she is serious about her fitness. As she should be.