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“Traveling is absolute freedom and priceless. It changed me. I was somebody else before I did this thing, and its been almost three years and I’m different now. I’m somebody else.” – CAGRI CANKAYA

3 professional world travelers share their wisdom about life on the road.


CAGRI CANKAYA – a designer traveling without money and working in design offices or advertising agencies to survive. –

PABLO IENTILE – an illustrator traveling, drawing and meeting artists around the world –

FABIAN SIXTUS KÖRNER – an artist traveling without money and working in exchange for food and accommodation –

Its funny how things in life, some things at least, come along at the exact time that you need are ready for them to come around. The latest version of something like this happening, in my life, would be the video at the top of this post, showing up in my twitter feed from someone that I barely know, a couple of days before I take off on a 10 day vacation in Thailand.

now, to put this into some perspective… I’ve never been one afraid to travel percé, I just never had. Not because I don’t like time off, just because my body and mind were trained to not really need it. When i say, ‘trained”, I mean that when I first started working – I was a restaurant guy. Worked as a waiter, bartender, expo, etc. And when you work in a restaurant, you don’t have any regular schedule. If you do have a regular schedule you still have multiple days in a row off and random days of the week off so you never get used to this whole weekend and holidays thing, like you do with a 9 – 5 job like I have now. Once I started working and accruing days at my job, I never really noticed that I hadn’t taken vacation, because to me, already having every weekend off plus 9 holidays a year off was plenty. ALSO, at my job, we get three granted / personal days off per year that we can use whenever we want, 120 sick hours, and for like the last 5 years, my company has been dark between christmas and new years…. so, as you can probably tell, that feels like a TON of time off to me.

Plus we get MLK Day off.

SO, for someone that was used to working all the time on weekends and working late into the night on closing shifts, when I got a 9 to 5 job, I felt like I was NEVER at work.

I’d take a random three day weekend here and there. Maybe a couple of long weekends where I’d take a Monday and Tuesday off, but never have I taken a proper vacation for an extended period of time.

But then, I got involved in a soccer based website and found myself traveling around the United States and Canada for events, and I fell in love with being at the airport. And checking in to hotels. And blogging and writing random things from a hotel room or a hotel bar while drinking a scotch on the rocks, and I felt the urge to travel more.

But I had a new problem. I didn’t know where to go. i didn’t know when to go. I didn’t have anyone to go with… I’m single. I have no children. And I was working on my masters degree the last couple of years. So, other than the occasional trip to San Diego, or Columbus Ohio, or Kansas City Missouri, I hadn’t scratched the travel itch that was building in me.

In comes a really good friend of mine who travels a lot for work. He travels so much that you’d actually think that he’d get tired of it, but in some late night conversations that we had, he would always tell me that there is nothing like traveling for pleasure and not having to worry about working or doing anything on anyone else’s clock. He told me about a group of friends that he travels with, every year, to a different place on the globe and how much fun they have when they are out somewhere giving no fucks and just having a good time.

Last year, they went to Australia. The year before that Japan,. The year before that somewhere in South America. I’d seen some of the evidence of these trips in text messages and on his Facebook page and Instagram, and I decided one night, late, after a couple of drinks, that it didn’t matter where they went next – I was going. I told him, I don’t care where it is, just give me the dates and I’m buying a ticket.

We’re going to Thailand on Wednesday.

The interesting thing about Thailand, right now, is that there is some sort of civil unrest going on in the country (specifically in Bangkok) because they have some elections coming up soon and there is a dust up about the future leadership and the direction of the country. There are some isolated ‘terrorist’ type of activities going on in protest areas, and a whole lot of traffic situations and uncertainty.

I’m not really worried about that, but it does give me a little bit of pause about whether or not I’d made the right decision to throw all caution to the wind this time around, and decide that THIS is the time that I want to go. Obviously we had no clue about what was going to happen in the town, when we bought the tickets. Four or five months ago, this wasn’t even an issue, but it is now. We also won’t be spending that much time in Bangkok, other than one night after the day long flight from the US and we’ll be heading to Phuket a very next day, early, to the villa that we’ve rented for the week.

But anyways, back to the purpose of this post. Randomly, this video hit, and after watching it, I did a little bit of searching and check out the various sites, and videos, and blogs associated with these guys. Obviously they have professions that are mobile, but its still amazing that they went straight up for 3 years traveling all over the place and lived to tell about it. Its a beautiful thing and they have some great stories. I encourage you to check out there stuff and see what it was like for them. You will fall into the matrix and read a ton of what they have done. Different countries, producing content for their sites and the various businesses, they have raised a ton of money that they have generously donated to a lot of really good causes, and they have shrunken the world for those of us who happen to come upon their sites and need a little bit of motivation.

Check out this video from one of the guys… its in a different language, but its solid stuff. I’m feeling extra motivated right now. Cant wait for my trizzip. Be ready for lots of pics and reflection….

As an aside, I’m going to try and be social silent except for the occasional instagram, but we’ll see how long that lasts.