Watch :: TONE IT UP Behind the scenes of “Love Your Body”

This video was in my “Suggested For You” section on youtube…. Hmmm, ok.

The video is behind the scenes footage for Karena & Katrina and their ridiculously popular TONE IT UP youtube page.! Fitness is something created by these two california smoke shows that features fitness tips, nutrition plans, bikinis and an entire community of support. They were one of the first ones in and they have made it pay. They are ridiculously attractive obviously but they are also real chicks. And roommates. And all about this life. Good for them.

tone it up bts

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This is definitely a site and community for chicks, but as dudes we can still play along. The way that I look at it is this, these chicks are motivation to get me to work out, because, I want a chick like this. It only makes sense that if you want a super fit chick, you should be pretty fit too, right?