Watch This :: the Taco Bell “Power Protein” Commercial

This commercial is pretty funny. Yoked up dudes on the beach talking about protein.

* I’m going to write something up about this new taco bell power protein menu because long story short, its just taco bell food with more meat product jammed into it.

The target demographic that they are going for with this protein situation, is obviously the young male demo, or at least obvious to me. I’ve gotta assume that they are being losing out to that 15-30 year old male that would have chosen TB 10 years ago over any other fast food option, is now choosing the likes of Chipotle or a sandwich shop, or at least that is my assumption. I happened to be in Columbus, Ohio of all places a few weeks ago and I was shocked to see just how many Chipotle’s there were in the city. I didnt expect such penetration in the midwest part of the US, but it was obvious the love for the ‘Otle….

I juxtapose that against a local Taco Bell in Toluca Lake that has recently shuttered close to wear I live. I dont think I’ve ever seen a taco bell or a mcdonalds close its doors. Kind of throws me back a little bit and wonder what the numbers are deeper than that.

I’m gonna stop there, but plan to come back and look at this much deeper at some point. But these dudes are jacked!

power protein commercial 2