Watch :: ” The Reader” Bell’s Whiskey South Africa TV Ad

The new Bell’s TV commercial features a father whose intrepid spirit demonstrates just what it takes to be a true Man of Character.

This commercial is GREAT!

* In my lifetime, I can honestly say, that rarely if ever a tv commercial makes me do something other than possibly repost it and comment on how good it is. I can count on one hand, the number of times that a commercial has actually consciously influenced me to buy something. A Jordan commercial. A LIVESTRONG commercial. A series of BMW commercials. And now, I’m adding Bell’s Whiskey to the list.

I dont want to try this Bells, I need to try this Bells. I need to know where I can get it in America. An S. Investigation will be happening for the next hour or so… and then an S. tasting test will be happening.

This commercial hit their FB page first and will be going live on Sunday. It may be the best commercial on Super Bowl Sunday that won’t be shown during the game….. Go check them out on FACEBOOK for more content.

The Bell’s Extra Special Blend is as unique today as the one sculpted by the enigmatic Arthur Bell in Perth in 1825. Blair Athol’s 450 year old distillery provides the most important single malt whisky at the heart of the secret Bell’s blend. This along with 34 other malt and grain whiskies and the clear water of Allt Dour (The Burn of the Otter) are delicately interwoven and imbued with the same passion and dedication that has made the legacy of Arthur Bell one of Scotland’s proudest traditions.