Watch :: “The Innovation of Loneliness”

What is the connection between Social Networks and Being Lonely?
Inspired and Based on the wonderful book by Sherry Turkle – Alone Together.
Also Based on Dr. Yair Amichai-Hamburgers hebrew article -The Invention of Being Lonely.

I’ve been thinking of something like this, for a while now. I think we are all seeing that the social networks, although well intended and a serious tour de force in the world, seemingly may be doing more harm than good. Even though we are constantly connected, we are actually getting farther apart, so it seems.

Sometimes I myself, look at my twitter and Facebook feeds and friends lists, and think to myself… how many of these folks are actually friends of mine. Real talk, a lot of them actually are, but a lot of them are just people I know. Are they truly friends? I know that there are a lot of people that are on the lists, who I definitely consider friends… there are a lot of them that I would not know but for social networks, and I do now consider them friends.

So where does that leave me? I definitely don’t have as many friends as my social reach says I do, but, a lot of the people on my friends list that I’ve come to know, I do consider friends. Is tha a good thing, or is that a bad thing. Am I and are we better off because the social networks are here? Most definitely. But does it create a different dilemma? Most definitely. This cat wrote and animated a great video and I don’t think I could have done anything any better. This post that I wrote sucks and I will probably edit it tomorrow so that it makes more sense.

Come to think about it, just watch the video and forget that you read this, because I’m not making sense….