Watch :: “Tabasco: Fighting bland food since 1868” . 60 Minutes Feature

Dr. Sanjay Gupta travels to Avery Island, Louisiana, for an exclusive interview and tour with the notoriously publicity shy McIlhenny family compound where Tabasco is produced currently and has been produced ever since it was was first produced in 1868 by Edmund McIlhenny, the father of the hot sauce lane. Before Tabasco, they didn’t really sell bottled hot sauce. It is still a family business, currently in the fifth generation McIlhenny’s running the company.

There are generations of other families that work and are employed there. The Tabasco is stirred for up to 28 days. They no longer grow the peppers in house, but rather the seeds, and the seeds are sent to countries everywhere to grow the plants, make it a mash, and then send it back to Avery Island. Tabasco is stored for many months in old bourbon barrels until it is ready to be bottled. Man alive, I need to love this stuff less.

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* Random side note. My grandfather was a hot sauce guy and now I am a hot sauce guy…. but in his day all he had was tabasco and whatever version of hot sauce he created. He was a very thrifty guy, and it never made a whole bunch of sense to him to spend $2.79 on peppers, vinegar and salt, so he would just make his own at the crib. It was always a flavor enhancer but it was never Tabasco, and watching this feature you can obviously see why.

* Other random side note. I think my grandfather if he was still alive, would flip his lid at all of the hot sauce choices we have out there today. I brought him some Cholula once that came out, but he was a Tabasco guy. I wonder what Sriracha would have done to him. That would have been something to see, he would have loved that stuff.