Watch :: SUPERGEIL (feat. Friedrich Liechtenstein) Commercial for Edeka

This commercial is pretty weird.

So, Friedrich Liechtenstein is a German musician and entertainer and The Edeka Group is the largest German supermarket corporation, currently holding about a 26% market share.

I blame Dos Equis and ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign for all of these weirdo commercials that we’ve been seeing the last few years. Some are good, some are terrible, some are great. After watching this one two or three times, its gone from good to great for me… plus there is a whole series of them, check out the other one I like below… I obviously don’t speak German, but I think I know what its all about, and I like it.

Supergeil feat. Friedrich Liechtenstein 2

Not mad at how this ends though….

Supergeil feat. Friedrich Liechtenstein 1