Watch :: Roy Choi: “A Gateway to Feed Hunger: The Promise of Street Food”

Los Angeles chef Roy Choi, known to most as the man who set in motion the food truck movement with his Kogi BBQ truck, explained at MAD3 that one of his principal motivations for the project was to bring wholesome, accessible food to areas with more liquor shops than grocery stores. The self-described “man from the hood” called on chefs to use their skills and influence to help those their restaurants typically don’t reach.

Roy Choi is a good dude. I haven’t had the chance to form all of my thoughts on this, but I wanted to get it up there. I like this cat and always have and have followed his movement for a little while here.

Its taken on a whole new perspective because my brother has had a come to Jesus moment recently and he is going really hard and made himself a key figure in the No Kid Hungry campaign in his community. When you think about it, the shit really makes no sense, that in the land of plenty, here in the United States, that ANYONE goes to bed without a meal, and we need people in positions that can help, to make sure that it stops.

I’m going to watch this again and then get my dissertation on about it, but for now, watch this and think about it.

video spotted at First We Feast <--- I LOVE this site by the way, its incredible.