Watch :: “Reasons to Go Vegan” Presentation

Promoting and protecting the rights of animals in Florida has been the mission of the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (ARFF) since 1989. Since our founding, we’ve recognized that change never happens fast enough, and victories are rarely complete, but when we look back we can see that—through persistence and patience—the situation for animals in Florida has improved.

ARFF reaches out to the public through demonstrations and outreach events, letters to the editor, and personal appearances by our spokespersons on radio, television, before civic groups and in school classrooms. We also promote the well-being of animals through meetings with, and campaigns directed at, industry and community decision-makers. – ABOUT ARFF

Again, this isnt a vegetarian site or a vegan site or anything like that.

Again, I will never be a vegan or a vegetarian or anything like that. *

But, I do like to think about it from time to time and I definitely think the knowledge is good to know.

This is a good piece of information for sure. Not that I would go that way or you would go that way but it good to know our options out there in these streets.

* I’m literally cooking a “Perfect Prime Rib” in the oven right now. First time out. I did, however, remix the seasoning. We’ll see how this turns out.