Watch :: Off The Grid – Miami’s LA CAMARONERA via Maureen Giannone and Zagat

If you’re headed to Miami, you should take some time to get out of the glitzy neighborhood of South Beach and scope out Little Havana, where you can score some of the city’s best bites. We dropped by La Camaronera to check out their seafood-centric offerings, which have been drawing locals to this ‘hood for over 50 years. – Zagat

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LA CAMARONERA has been serving South Florida the freshest seafood since 1966, it has been featured on Food Network, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel, ZAGAT, countless “checkins” on the social networks and now on The Informed Meat Eater….. via Zagat’s youtube page. I need to get back down to Miami (Little Havana specifically) to try this spot out. Goodness gracious!

Great reviews on YELP and they are working on a new website so thats why there is no link, but check out their Facebook and Twitter and head there when you head to South Beach one time…. by the way, Little Havana is where you will find the best mojitos, so you should be there anyways. Jussayin.

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I need THAT in my life, soon.

Whats up Maureen Giannone (@MaureenGiannone), I see you working…..

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