Watch :: Obi Obadike on “Small Meals” and Metabolism Myths

WHen people start working out, or when they are trying to lean up, or when they are trying to get jacked, it seems like the overwhelming question that everyone always wants to know is, does it really matter if you eat 3 ‘regular’ meals a day or if you should do the metabolism booster idea of 5 or 6 meals a day?

Obi Obadike answers the question with this video:

Hey Everybody,

Check this Nutrition Tip video I did on if eating small meals a day will really speed up your metabolism. Fact, Myth or Fiction? Check this video out where I debunk this theory in great detail.

Great stuff there. I’ve never been a big believer that there was any scientific evidence to this theory, but that it was just more of a group think situation where people assumed that since your metabolism is probably at its highest soon after eating, it would make sense if you eat a little bit, and have your metabolism firing on all cylinders, and then feed yourself a little bit more in a couple of hours, that your metabolism would basically always stay on at it highest level – and would be metabolizing a smaller amount of food – that in theory you would be spiking your metabolism. But thats one of those brilliant idiot type of ideas. Seems to me that your metabolism is what it is, and the answer as always its just putting in the work.

I suppose that the discipline of eating smaller meals and the discipline of working out, you can convince yourself that the metabolism is working faster, but its not, you are just being a lot more sensible in what you are eating and you are taking care of yourself so it appears that the metabolism is working better, bit its not, its just working more efficiently.

But what do I know. I’ll take the knowledge from Obi, becuase obviously he knows what the hell he is talking about.

ICYMI :: Obi Obadike the trainer that got Morris Chestnut in shape for BEST MAN HOLIDAY movie