Watch :: “Obama’s Climate Crusade” POTUS Goes To Alaska

This is kind of a must watch right now.

Last month, Rolling Stone contributing editor Jeff Goodell traveled to Alaska with President Obama for an exclusive interview about climate change.

There’s the moment when you realize that this is not just a problem of pollution, that this is not just a regional problem, but this is a collapse of the operating system of the entire earth.Al Gore via Rolling Stone Contributing Editor Jeff Goodell

I don’t have a ton to add to this other than read the story.

Obama Takes on Climate Change: The Rolling Stone Interview – RS

Actually, I will add this. And this isn’t a political thing at all but it just so happens that Obama went there and did this. This is a world issue. This is a people issue. This is a very real thing.

The scariest part, to me, is the statement that POTUS makes about getting reports on the reg that speak to things happening faster than expected, and projections of what is going down and when.

When Jeff talks to POTUS about if people knew what we were really facing and the real details of what is happening, as opposed to sound bites from heads, I was seriously taken aback.

I don’t want to get paralyzed by the magnitude of this thing. And what I don’t want is for people to get paralyzed, thinking that somehow, this is all out of our control.POTUS Obama

The problem is that things are going to happen, and when they happen, they are going to happen exponentially. I look at it like this…. if we are seeing small little islands or areas of land getting gobbled up by water like the city that is shown in the video, imagine if that really

There will be less resources, used by more people, in smaller areas of land. And everything will start happening faster. Sh.t is scary man.

The question is what can we do? Do I eat less meat? Do I stop eating meat altogether? Do I chill out on the A/C? Do I drive less? DO I recycle everything?

Well, the beauty of the era we live in, I give you the internet.

The EPA is here to help.

EPA -> Climate Change : What You Can Do –