Watch :: “Nina From The Sea” – Carl’s Jr. / Hardees Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich Commercial

Nina Agdal loves the Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich. It’s a charbroiled filet of cod, topped with lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce, served on a honey wheat bun. Only at Carl’s Jr.

NINA AGDAL, Danish model, Victoria Secret Angel, SI Swimsuit model, rumored Leo DiCaprio new girlfriend. She is really good at being pretty. She seems super cool too.

You know, I always wonder if commercials with super hot models make us want to do something. Or is it just an awareness thing, making a splash? Bold move by Carls/Hardees because the terrible idea of ‘fish-sandwich-at-a-fast-food-joint’ corner has been held down by the D’s for a very long time. I suppose if one was to think about getting a fish sando at a drive through, you may think about this commercial and decide between the two. Its a promo item, it has 420 calories, and you can get a coupon by clicking here.

Apparently, they not only have a sando that they are working with… they also have a cod taco as well, I might have to mess round and go over there and try this….

carls jr cod sando

I can’t front, the sandwich does look incredible, but fish sando at a fast food joint just seems like its always a bad idea. For me, at least. I have a story, and its bad. Of the time I was really really drunk, and at a party that was sponsored by a vodka company, and it was Lent, and I asked our driver to stop at the D’s so I could get a filet-o-fish 86 tarter sub mayo. Yes, that ended exactly as you could imagine.

Anyways, NINA is attractive. Here is more of her:

My look for the #oscars kept it casual @carlsjr @hardees shorts. And thats pretty much it..

By the way, this is super random, but this is one of those things that goes into my whole social media means something theory… ridiculous extra ways to have your brand out there, for celebs who have a lot of followers on IG / TW / FB. Her millions of followers see her in Hardees shorts. That will be on the internets long after the commercial stops running.

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nina agdal 1

nina agdal 2image

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