Watch Neelam Gill in “Champions of Breakfast”

Amuse and Nespresso present ‘Champions of Breakfast’ – a brand new food series that follows some of the most exciting young creatives across the UK and Europe as they show us how to make their favourite breakfasts.

In Episode 2, we meet Neelam – a young model in London who has taken a stand for greater diversity in the fashion industry. We join her in West London as she sources the perfect ingredients to make a traditional English breakfast with an Indian twist.

I dunno, I just liked this video and it’s got some food in it.

Who is Neelam Gill by the way?

I am a big fan now.

And, apparently she did Runyon a few weeks ago. In my city and didn’t even know it.

To live and die in LA…

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Working out on a Friday.

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