Watch :: “Natural World: Grass, Water, Cows” + “Water in the Cloudforest”

In Argentina, beef is a way of life. But over the last few decades, the traditional methods of raising cows on grass has faded away

I happened upon this video as I was going to the Smithsonian website to vote for a friends video (see below) on their “In Motion” series. When I got to the page and watched his video, I was so struck by the category that I began watching a few of the other videos on the page. This Grass, Water, Cows one really stuck out to me.

grass water cows 1

Its crazy that sustainability and free range farming and things like that are not just an American issue, it is truly all over the world. It makes you think, how can people not believe that we have a problem and how can people not worry about global warming and how can people not think about the fact that we are running in the red and possibly most definitely ruining the planet for future generations.

grass water cows 2

On another note, how good does this adobo (Argentinian BBQ) look? I don’t know if I was ever hip to this style of que. It looks amaze and I bet it taste just as good too.

grass water cows 3

We can’t just keep going forward as hard as we are now. We know that the planet has a finite number of resources and we should figure out how to make the most of those resources. Scorched earth is happening everywhere. Lets find the solutions. Lets stop infiltrating these farms and lands that have been traditionally off limits. Lets respect nature and the natural process.

grass water cows 4

grass water cows 5

Many people living in the cloud forest know it’s critical to protect this unique watershed from mining, pesticides, and deforestation. By understanding the water cycle we see how important it is for the land, plants, animals, and insects that depend on it.

Now I want to order some deliverable natural spring water. Or move to a remote city in Ecuador. One of the two. I don’t trust what is coming out of my tap.