Watch / Listen :: Herbie Hancock on Buddhism and Creativity

Herbert Jeffrey “Herbie” Hancock is an American pianist, keyboardist, bandleader and composer. He’s one of the greats in our time. A heavyweight. A living legend.

I happened to be surfing around the internets a few days ago and filed this away in my watch later tab…. I think I saw this link on twitter or something but I dont remember. I wish I did so I could shoot out a hat tip.

From wiki: Hancock practices Nichiren Buddhism and is a member of the Buddhist association Sōka Gakkai International. As part of his spiritual practice, he recites the Buddhist chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo each day.

SGI is interesting… I put the link up top but did a little bit of searching and they have this really cool youtube page that shows you some basics of chanting and what they are all about. Here is a playlist