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I found something cool. Yesterday, a friend of mine were chatting back and forth on the Facebook because I posted an article called How one contaminated cow can infect millions of pounds of hamburgers, and that fact that as a society, we worry about media companies, telecom, oil and cable companies, etc. and how deregulation makes it so a few companies control almost everything and how bad that is for consumers and our society in general, but to me, the fact that four companies slaughter 80 percent of cattle in the United States….. and three companies control half of America’s chicken, according to research from Christopher Leonard’s in his new book The Meat Racket – is arguably a million times worse that a few major companies controlling most of the food we consume as opposed to a few companies determining how much we pay for oil or cable television.

(Sorry about that run-on sentence)

Anyhow, I was remarking that its one of the great benefits about living in Southern California, that if you look for it, you can find plenty of other options for produce and meat production that is outside of the major companies. He echoed that sentiment, and he lives in New Orleans so I got to thinking that its pretty much the same down there, and I’m sure their seafood options would be even better than we have here. Reason being, we have good fish here in Cali, but its coming from way up north, so even though its very good, its still not coming right out of the water to our plate. In NOLA, they eat what is coming right there from the Gulf of Mexico.

So, that got me to thinking if there are services that make fish available right on time. I found Dock to Dish.

Dock to Dish is Long Island’s original Community and Restaurant Supported Fishery, headquartered in Montauk, New York. Its basically a CSA for fish. They provide fish, from the dock to you in less than 24 hours. Here is a video:

Dock to Dish: A Full Circle of Awesome – SkeeterNYC

Meet Sean Barrett, the co-founder of Dock to Dish, the first community supported fishery in Long Island, New York. A few years ago, during a trip to San Sebastian, Spain, Sean noticed a very different practice occurring among local fishermen. They were selling their day’s catch directly to restaurants that lined the harbor. Diners were experiencing the freshest fish, straight from the sea to the table. This inspired Sean’s idea of Dock to Dish, a revival of an old way of life, where customers buy their fish directly from the source.

(Video H/t to Food Curated – more on this site in a later post)

Obviously, they are only available in NY. It doesn’t seem like something that could really work in Los Angeles or where I live, but it could be something that works in San Diego or the Orange County area.

And, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of places in Los Angeles – we have open air markets in DTLA that are suited for restaurants but open to the public and I’m sure if I dug deep enough I could find something in Long Beach or something out by the Marina – but I’m on my CSA bs right now, and I’m lazy, it’d be cool to find something like this here.

Anyways, I just think the idea is cool and I liked the video, hope you enjoy as well.