Watch :: “LATE NIGHT” – I Support this McDonalds Commercial

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I like this commercial. I was talking in an earlier post about commercials and if they really influence us to action, as far as things like going to a particular restaurant, or if it is more about awareness for certain brands. I realized while thinking about this post, that when I was writing that earlier post, I was thinking of it in only one perspective and a little bnit short sided in my thinking, because maybe commercials and advertisements don’t necessarily pull us somewhere, but they certainly can make us NOT go somewhere. So, in turn, the first question is answered as well.

One of the things that I’ve noticed and friends of mine have notice (we actually have conversations about these things) is how low-key racists a lot of commercials are, and McDonalds in the past was one of the biggest violators. When I say low-key racist, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, which I think is deserved, because lets face it, they were and are one of the national brands that has been a long time proponent of putting minorities on screens and featuring them in advertisements.

But, saying that, you could tell that the creative department was not as diversified as the casting they did for commercials. It was a long running joke between friends that whenever there was a minority in it, at some point there is a party scene or a dj scene or every one breaks out in song and dance. There is never, or very rarely, just a regular commercial that gets a message across.

This one, has layers to it, and I love it. I put something up on Facebook about it and its funny that a couple of folks I know who are these very guys, both of them at some point in their life, and they appreciate it. I appreciate it. The attractive young executive type burning the midnight oil and at the job late hours, on the phone, either going back up on the office OR he is coming to his nice condo and rapping with the attractive young brother who is working and studying at the same time.

Dude brings him some grub, from McDonalds of course, they talk a little bit and give each other respect. The executive type remembers what the young door dude eats.

This is a very well done commercial. I could break it down and wonder how he knows that the door guy likes extra sauce on his burger or the fact that both of the guys look like they are about the same age…. but who cares, its a really good commercial.

im loving it mcdonalds