Watch :: “L.A. Dreamers”

L.A. Dreamers from Dani Fortuny on Vimeo.

Five Japanese girls meet in Los Angeles. They are far from home but they have same goal, chase the dream of becoming hip hop dancers. – Dani Fortuny

These five girls are:
Ami Sugano – Instagram
Miya Nakagawa – Instagram (private)
Hazuki Nabana – Instagram
Sawako Okumura – Instagram
Yui Furuya – Instagram

Their story is incredible and you want to root for these ones.

I don’t know these five girls, but I know these five girls. Lowkey, this is like my last few girlfriends.

I love dancers. Like, with a passion. I can’t quit them. When life has told me time and time again to “get the hell out!!!” somehow I find another dancer giving me the eyes at a time that I a little slammered and I get in my head thinking I might be able to change the outcome this time around.

I don’t know what quite has a hold on me other than the way that they move, and the way that they think, and the way that they look, and the way that they talk, and the way that they live their lives, and the way that they act …. out of all the dancers I know, that are doing this professionally at varying levels of success, the one thing that I do know is that they wouldn’t be doing anything else in the world.

There are two moments in this video that stand out to me, and they pretty much come back-to-back, when Yui puts on the headphones and says, “When I listen to hip hop, time freezes.” I got all of the feels.

And when Miya (I think its Miya) has this moment…

LA Dreamers Short

Every single dancer I know, feels the exact same way, and it shows.

I love how dancers, can’t not dance… you might have to know dancers to know what I am talking about, but there is always movement in their bodies. There is always a heavy bassline playing in their head, or faintly that only a trained ear can hear, that they are moving in sync with. When you are dancing with them, you can feel the steps that they either worked on that morning in class, or they are working on in their head for class tomorrow.

They are a special breed, but they keep breaking my heart.

I love this video though, the entire idea behind it and everything about it and kind of need to know where I can get that song and what it’s called. There is a question about the song in the comments of the video and hopefully the producer or director sees this posts and goes ahead and answers that. The work is great and looking forward to more.

I’m following him on vimeo now.