Watch :: Jacques Sayagh … Homeless Bodybuilder

First things first, this dude is dope. and he is jacked. and I am super impressed with who he is and what he does an all of that…. but let me play the devils advocate here. *

Sounds kind of crazy, but why arent more homeless cats fucking yoked like this dude? Aren’t they kind of like, working out, all day long? I mean walking, pushing shit, lifting stuff. Shouldn’t every homeless dude be pretty jacked up? Real talk though, those dudes are strong as shit.

We always make the joke about Hollywood types, “yeah, if all I had to do was work out all day, I would look like that too…. but I’ve got a 9-5 and bills to pay” – so, a homeless dude, in reality, has a gang of free time, why not knock out some shoulder raises?

Really though, I don’t know how I would feel if the dude I just gave a fiver to was out buying creatine and triple whey max fuel restore III with my money.

* Playing devils advocate, because there is no way that I believe this cat is homeless. Impossible. Being fit, like that, is expensive as shit. Too much hgh and whey and muscle milk and new gloves and shit like that to buy… this is internet hoaxing at its finest.