Watch :: Google Nexus Tablet “Can You BBQ a Turkey” Commercial

For all those unexpected moments and general questions, Google Nexus 7 helps you find answers. Yes, you can barbecue a turkey.

This commercial is part of the GOOGLE NEXUS “Made for What Matters” campaign and I don’t necessarily know exactly what it is about it, but I happen to think that the execution of this commercial is perfect. The timing of it (its seasonal), the acting (you never think about quality acting in a commercial), the song, and the script are just perfect.

There is no real reason why I am posting this other than the fact that I liked the commercial so much.

That is all.

The song is called EVERYDAY by SLADE : iTunes linkage

I don’t know if it will make me buy a GOOGLE NEXUS tablet, but it definitely got me looking at it online and seeing what kind of bread they are asking for it.

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