Watch :: “Fuck, That’s Delicious” (Ep. 4) from Action Bronson

Watch Action Bronson take us on one of the most unreal, out of bounds New York City food tours that’s ever been committed on film. Mr. Wonderful allowed us access to ground zero for production, cooking with his aunt in her kitchen, and an exclusive tour of Kew Garden’s legendary pizza parlor, Dani’s House of Pizza. As if all of this wasn’t enough, Action made his milkshake dreams come true by visiting dessert iconoclast, Christina Tosi, and her famous Milk Bar bakery to transform his aunt’s homemade baklava into a milkshake. We finished up our New York adventure with a smorgasbord of Korean fried chicken and White Castle cheeseburgers. – MUNCHIES

Has AB done it again or has AB done it a’fuckin-gain?

This is incredible. From the Baklava, to the super duper Triple D troll job, to that lovely Christina ‘muahfuggin’ Tosi at Milkbar, to the restaurant employee learned Spanish at Dani’s pizza.*

I have a lot of thoughts on this episode, but I’m on my lowly lunch break and can’t go longform. I will just post the episode and then get into it with restaurant profiles later tonight. Awesome stuff.

AB Fuck Thats Del 4

* Not that one could ever doubt that AB worked at a restaurant, but that just confirms it oh-so-much. That is the kind of Spanish that you learn working in restaurants. I know it. All of my former server / bartender homies know it. Its awesome. This cat is one of a kind.