Watch: FRIENDS | Listen to LAURENCE from Blaise Moore

So I was listening to Beats1, like a whole bunch of people, on Satday waiting on More Life and I happened to get in a little bit early (or 40 and Oliver were still working on it) and I happened to catch a song playing that was kind of mesmerizing.

The song was called FRIENDS and it was by this artist called Blaise Moore.

Blaise Moore is a recording artist out of Toronto, Canada. She’s new here but will be around for a while.

Side note, that name has to be a double entendre, right?

She reminds me of another new talented, interesting, attractive and mysterious, and on a lot of levels nontraditional females doing things in R&B or soul or dancehall or music that we haven’t heard since an Amy Winehouse or Joss Stone or even my girl JoJo. Don’t hate on JoJo. Seriously.

Snoh Aalegra is one of the new breed that comes to mind. Anne Maria is another one. I’d even throw Banks into the mix.

Did a little googling and clicking through and found her soundcloud for our listening pleasure.

She’s new, she dope, and she’s still under 500 followers on twitter, so you know we’re getting in here on the ground floor.

You’ll be able to tell your friends that you were in on her early.

Toronto keeps coming with heaters y’all.

This is her instagram. You should throw her a follow.

I belong to Aotearoa

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Sooooooo mad that I didn’t know about her until this weekend and missed her in LA!

LA!!! What a sick show. Thank you.

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