Watch :: Dr. OZ visits THE BREAKFAST CLUB 105.1 in New York

Dr. Oz stop by the Breakfast Club in New York to shoot the ish, spread health news and promote his magazine recently hit the stands. Check out his visit above, check out a couple of images of the magazine, click the link below for a full preview and then buy that jawn… I’m about to buy it on the iPad and let it cook. Dr. Oz knows what he is talking about… Who knew he still did heart surgery every Thursday….

dr oz good life 1

Issue Description:

PREMIER ISSUE: Discover how to live “The Good Life” with the best from Dr. Oz! Featuring a guide to vitamins, nutritious recipes, super soft skin tips, an amazing 4 week slim down, your sex life intensified and more!

dr oz good life 2

Ger a preview of Dr. OZ GOOD LIFE at