Watch :: Chef Dean Sheremet make a Gluten free fig and goat cheese pizza for “THE TALK”

Chef Dean Sheremet joined the ladies of THE TALK in the kitchen for The Talk Food Festival. He brought dishes that celebrate healthy fall flavors. Here are the recipes that will put you in the mood for fall!

Chef Dean Sheremet is a renaissance man of sorts. A former actor, dancer, writer, director, producer dude types in Hollywood who by his mid 20’s had done and been successful in pretty much all that you could ever think of, found his way back to his culinary roots embedded deeply within him at the hands of his grandmother a pastry chef out of the great city of Detroit Michigan. After a successful Hollywood, Sheremet moved to New York City and enrolled in the French Culinary Institute.

Immediately after graduating at the top of his class he joined the kitchen of the celeb hotspot Nobu 57. After his time with Nobu, at the recommendation of celebrity pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini (host of Top Chef, Just Desserts), Sheremet landed a spot in one of the most coveted kitchens in the world, Jean Georges, where he continued to refine his techniques in the intense world of a 3 Michelin starred kitchen.

More recently Sheremet left Jean Georges to combine his love for food and entertaining, and he is doing it well. He appears regularly on Hallmark Channel’s Emmy nominated hit talk show Home and Family, Fox’s Good Day LA and also contributes to US Weekly, Foodily and The Daily Meal.

Dean currently resides in NYC with his wife, fashion and beauty photographer Sarah Silver, and their dog Jude.

He’s also been a regular on The Talk and specifically during this The Talk Food Festival thing and he’s been bringing the noise with some incredible recipes for the ladies, like this Gluten free fig and goat cheese pizza.

Gluten free fig goat cheese pizza

That shit looks good, right?!

After watching the video it seems like something you could easily make at the crib too… I might have to try it.

Interestingly enough one of my good friends, Ray, is a close friend and associate of Dean’s and he’s always told me that I need to get hip to Dean and some of the things he is going in the kitchen because the kid is no joke. I was and pretty much still am a fatass, so a lot of this pretty boy food is not for me. I need steaks and shrimps and fettucini alfredo type of stuff over some fig and goat cheese pizza, but every since I started this whole IME thing, I’m starting to see myself drawn to stuff like this.

I’m glad that there are cats out there like Dean who make it reachable and like something we can cook at the house and dont have to go to some tree bark and incense type of restaurant. Also, think of how much the chicks would be impressed if you can cook shit like this at home. Annnnnyways, hes got a website and social media situation that has a ton of great recipes, ideas, pics and all that sort of stuff that can make you the man. Check him out.

Dean Sheremet’s Official website : on Twitter : on Facebook

For the pizza recipe, go here : Gluten free fig and goat cheese pizza