Watch :: Dame Dash talk Business, “Selling Celebrity” and the Circle of Success

In the first installment of VIBE’s My Philosophy, Dame breaks down his business model, capitalizing with his partner Biggs and defines what a boss is. Watch part one of the three-part series above.

“People say never put up your own money. I’m saying put your own money up,” he tells VIBE in part two of My Philosophy. “Work harder than everyone, be patient and just know that if you’re going to do something on your own, you’re gonna have to feel some pain.”

For the final installment of My Philosophy, Dame Dash also speaks on his loyalty to Cam’ron and Jim Jones and his strong belief in karma.

* I’ve always been a Dame Dash fan. Always. I even wrote, at length, a piece about him the last time that we heard the latest Damon Dash is Broke story going around the internets. I came across these links today because a buddy of mine posted an interesting story on the facebook called “Jewish businessman calls black people ”liquid money”: Because we give it all away” and at the bottom of that page it had a link to the second video in this series.

Anything that is Damon Dash, I’m going to watch or read it, so after I clicked on the video, I had to find out where it came from. Lo and behold, it was a three part series taken from a piece that was done on him in VIBE (the other two videos you see above as well) and while watching them, I could stop thinking back to the piece I wrote about him, and one particular thing:

I think one of the things that I’ve learned watching Dame is that it should always be about what you are doing and then try and find ways to monetize it later. Will you make billions of dollars and get stupid rich of off it? Do you want to make billions of dollars off of it and get stupid rich? I honestly dont know the answer to that because it seems like the more and more times that we see people who we do think are successful and making a ton of money off of anything, just end up having more issues from it and you are better off making enough to survive comfortably to keep doing what you are doing.

If you are interested in reading that entire piece, feel free and here it is:

Damon Dash is broke in 2013… stop me if you have heard this before.

I will always ride with Dame, I think he is one of the most intelligent business minds in the game that we have today and his words resonate with me… now its just time for me to put some of my own bread up and be a boss!