Watch :: “Cook Your Ass Off” the new “Healthy” Cooking TV Competition [Trailer]

Premiering Sunday, December 1st at 7pm ET on upwave on HLN, Celebrity chef Richard Blais hosts Cook Your Ass Off, a healthy twist on a cooking competition show. Watch as three chefs battle it out each week to transform lives by spinning unhealthy dishes into nutritious eats. In the end only one chef will walk away with the Grand Prize of $50,000.

Richard Blais is an American chef, reality show contestant, restaurateur and author best known to this point as the runner-up of the fourth season of the reality television show Top Chef and the winner of season eight, Top Chef: All-Stars. I’ll be honest, I was never a huge Blais fan during the show (it happens, you can’t like everybody) until I saw him as the host on the internet channel TASTED and the show BurgerLab.

On BurgerLab, basically, it was an internet based show where he did just about everything that you could imagine with the burger and made them into culinary art pieces and food porn for the burger lover. What I liked best about it was that he wasn’t cheap and didn’t just cook everything in truffle butter and add some ridiculous sauce to it. He took the burger to a whole never level with some of the recipes and I would urge you to take a look at some of those episodes…. but thats another post and another show. This post is about Cook Your Ass Off…

Here in this one, CYAO, it technically another formulaic cooking competition, from the previews that we’ve seen so far on the internets, but they have an interesting twist on it, the food that they are making will be re-imagining “favorites” but making them healthier versions of. Its interesting. And definitely something that I will check out the first couple of episodes of the show.

Hopefully, they won’t take the easy route out and just add arugula or sprouts to everything and actually get into some real cooking here. One of the things that I always found interesting about cooking shows these days is that everyone is doing the same thing. Its a good idea for Blais and HLN to go the healthy route because honestly, all of the cooking shows, make beautiful food and stuff that looks like you want to eat it, but all of them are like a million calorie dishes.

The food we see on some of your most popular cooking shows, you CANNOT cook every night, and even if you could, you shouldn’t eat that heavy. I’m looking forward to this one, it looks good.

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