Watch :: Chef Roblé Ali on “Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn”

In this episode of Well Dunn, Jourdan is joined by Chef Roblé Ali of Bravo’s Chef Roblé & Co. for a fast paced, fun cooking lesson. Together they cook up Roblé’s fresh take on a classic Italian dish, Clams Linguini. – via Life+Times youtube

They had me at chorizo! Because I’m not chef in any sense of the word, I’m just a cook. I get my hands dirty and love to mess around in the kitchen and make something, but one of the hurdles I always have is following recipes from chefs. They use too many ingredients and too many spices that I dont keep at the penthouse, because specific spices just wouldnt get enough run. What I like about recipes like this is that its simple. And all of that stuff you can get at the store and not have to worry about wasting $12 on a spice that you will only use once every 8 months.

Clams (and clam broth), chorizo, and baby kale are the only things you would have to pick up really. Pasta is pasta to me, and everyone has a pantry full of pastas that need to get some run. I think I’m going to try this this week. Especially when it looks like this:

al dunnte pasta

Shouts out to Jourdan Dunn and Chef Roblé too. This Jourdan Dunn series is great, and we like the swag factor that Chef Roblé brings to everything that he does. He’s someone you might want to look out for.

Full recipe on the youtube page, click here.