Watch :: “Avec Eric – ARTISANAL in Tuscany”

On this episode, join Eric as he experiences the lifestyles of culinary artisans up close in Tuscany.

This is another wonderful show from RESERVE CHANNEL. I hadn’t gotten hip to this one yet, but I’m glad it showed up in my subscriptions feed. Eric Ripert is one of my favorite chefs out there these days, and this episode is him in all his glory.

I like watching him because his food looks amazing but even though I am certain that his food is super complicated and technical, it always looks extremely simple to prepare. This episode and meal is no different, but I like how the episode sets up. We see Eric all over Tuscany sourcing product and getting information and then taking us into his kitchen and preparing a meal.

This is what it looks like when he’s finished:

avec eric 2 carbonara

My favorite part of the video…. there is about a 5 minute segment where Eric is learning the ways of cooking pasta from an Italian woman and both of their English is, lets just say, broken.