Watch :: Anthony Bourdain’s Interview with Jimmy Kimmel

“If you are going to a vegetarian, EAT VEGETABLES!” – Bourdain

I’ve written it before, and I will run it back here:

I’m pretty much over culinary people and cooking shows other than anything that Anthony Bourdain puts on TV and anything that Tom Colicchio is involved in. That being said, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown is one of my favorite shows on television.

He did the Jimmy Kimmel show last night in more promotion and talked about a myriad of things from his love for In-N-Out food, his Italian wife and her family, plus his continued disdain for vegetarian restaurants and vegetarians in general, that is where that wonderful quote. Gotta love Anthony Bourdain.

Make sure you follow Anthony on the social networks and you are watching his show, its awesome. He actually went to Spain in one of his latest episodes and I’m going to get that posted as soon as I find the clip.

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