Watch :: Anthony Bourdain Push Anderson Cooper’s Food Boundaries

Adventurous foodie Anthony Bourdain takes Anderson Cooper to a restaurant to feast on an unusual delicacy.

* I’m pretty much over culinary people and cooking shows other than anything that Anthony Bourdain puts on TV and anything that Tom Colicchio is involved in. That being said, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown is one of my favorite shows on television.

I don’t think I’ve ever not like content that he puts on television and most of his destinations have been added to my life’s bucket list. Dude knows his shit. he used to do blow and smoke heaters, his wife is bad ass and he drinks like a fish. Nothing wrong with this cat in my eyes.

Season 2 of the critically acclaimed Parts Unknown launched recently on CNN and as these things work, there was some cross promotion with another one of the flagship CNN shows, AC360. Anthony and Anderson sit down for some food, they talk about locations… information transfer and hilarity ensues.

Lowkey surprising that AC isnt a foodie dude. Seems like that whole lane would be right up his alley.

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