Watch and Listen :: “THINK” by KALEIDA + Download Link …. (For me) The Holidays are a time for reflection.

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Here is the SOUNDCLOUD version of the song and its available for free download. Just click on their band name KALEIDA or go to this link to get it.

I like this song…. a lot. But that isn’t the only reason that I am posting it on IME. I’m posting it because for the last couple of days its been running around in my head because the title, THINK, is something that I tend to do when the holidays hit. I try and think all the time but around the end of November and beginning of December, every year, I try and really reflect over the last 11 months of my life and see my successes and failures and look forward to the new year and plan out some of my goals and resolutions for the new year.

I think the whole New Years resolution thing gets a little bit blown out of per portion and kind of a bad rap, because almost every one runs back the same kinds of resolutions, sticks with them for a couple of days or weeks and then goes right back into the same old habits. I don’t escape that, so what I did about 5 years back was scrap the whole resolution thing and came up with doing the goals thing instead.

This post is for me by the way…

So, I’ve been thinking for the last couple of days about what some of my goals are going to be and I’ve come up with a few. There are the obvious ones of course, getting fit, getting more financially secure, making a concerted effort to be better at my job and more of a SME at work in my department… blah blah blah.

After reflection this weekend (and its still working) here are a couple of things that I came up with to work on as goals for 2014

Finding a woman to have by my side throughout this journey of mine – I’ve been single, I’ve been wife’d up, I’ve had jumps and I’ve been a jump, but as I get older and start to really think about the pros and cons of this single life, I realize that I function better when I have a special someone. I’m forever one of those dudes who gets the ‘why don’t you have a girlfriend right now?” thing or when I post something random on Facebook or twitter, I get a whole host of comments or texts like, “You NEED a wifey!” type of ish, and you know what… I always just played it off and said, “No no, not yet, I’m still working on some things” but I’m starting to realize that its getting a little bit old for me. I’m starting to realize that its bullshit actually.

I’m realizing, right now, today, in this moment that I like being with someone and the idea of having that.

I hate cooking up a storm and having a great meal, but then having to wash the dishes lol. Or still having a ton of leftovers when its a perfectly good meal to share with someone. So, I’m going to work on that, this year is about me really making an effort to find someone special, that wants to be with me as well, that caaaan be with me. Because don’t get me wrong, I date… I have a person that I am close with, but it doesn’t seem like we can be together forever, although I would LOVE to.

I’m sure there are a couple of things that I can work on, thinking of her in particular, to make it work because nothing would make me happier than it to work out with us.

I want to read and write more, and not a lot of this new age of reading and writing but legit before social networking and the explosion of the internets reading and writing. I think now that things move so fast and we have so much access to so much information, that we don’t settle down and read a long form article. Or a book. Or the newspaper. I don’t think we (writers) spend the time to really explore a topic and investigate what we are really trying to say because there just isn’t an appetite out there for it. Most people will click on a link and spend 30 to 45 seconds reading something and then we are on to the next link that we can share on Facebook or twitter.

Its the curse of the age that we are in I guess, but there may be a tide changing out in the world. As a writer (sort of) I am starting to see people leading to reading longer posts and articles. I think if its good and something that people want to read about, they are definitely receptive to it. The question is about the quality. I want to work more on that. Although I’m not really a writer, I think I have a lot of ideas as far as production stuff that can be done. TV, movies, content ideas for webs properties, all kinds of stuff, I think I can contribute to a greater conversation. I want to focus more on doing these sorts of things in the next year and give it a legit shot.

Readingwise, Ive spent the last few years working on degrees so all of the books that I have spent a ton of time with were textbooks… and for this website a lot of cookbooks. And books on alternative health type of things. I like reading these books.

I want to read more random stuff though, more science fiction novels like I did when I was younger, or more biographies like I did after graduating college. I’d like to take a chapter out of a good friend of mines book, he chooses a topic a month and reads everything he can about it, but we’ll see how that works out for me.

I’m not going to hold my breath because I see myself starting to read a lot more studies on health and things like that because it makes more sense.

I want to become a better friend to the people that I know, well. I have a favorite toast that I go to when I am called upon to clink glasses at a birthday party or new years celebration or something like that and it goes like this, “They say that you can judge a person best, by the people that they surround themselves with. I want to be able to live up to that toast, and surround myself with great people (which I already do) but also be one of the great people around other people that can look to me to measure the good in their life as well.

I want to really give back more. In the past, I’ve done things like Habitat for Humanity and food drives and packing boxes and making meals to the sick and shut in, and I cant really tell you how happy doing something like that makes me feel. I think everyone has that same reaction. I have some good friends who started a little program called Hashtag Lunchbag last year, here in the Los Angeles area where all they did was start making sammiches in their apartment and handing them out to the homeless on a Sunday. I posted about it a couple of times on another website that I administrate thinking that it was a really cool venture, and about a year later, these guys have legitimately started a movement. I see the hashtag all over the place. I see posts in across all parts of the united states. I see other friends, who in no way shape or fashion know these guys, doing the same thing in their city with the same hashtag. That affected me.

I’ve got a buddy of mine who has a law firm in Atlanta, and besides making a ton of money (something we both aspired to in college) I cant tell you how proud I am of that kid when I see on his facebook and instagram account that he doesnt even bother posting all of the cars and toys and stuff that he has, but rather all of the events that he and his law firm and his fraternity do in the community. FOod drives, clothing drives, back to school drives, etc. Its crazy because I know his life, I know what he’s got, but its impressive to me that he uses the social network platform to show making a difference in the lives of others rather than what he is doing for his family. Thats great. I want to do more.

I want to yoga. I want to save money and have no debt (other than college bills) after 2014. I want to get more passport stamps. I want to have a legit impact at work on a project of note. I want to learn how to cook one incredible meal that doesnt involve steak and skrimps. I want to finish a screenplay. I want to “minimilize” my carbon footprint, my surrounding skins, I want to be a better citizen of the world.

That’s what I’ve thought about.

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