Watch :: “American Value: Herb Dishman” – Rocker Turned Rice Farmer

American Value: Herb Dishman: China, TX from Nomadique on Vimeo.

Nomadique is a documentary collective that specializes in cross-cultural storytelling through video, audio, and photography. In this wonderfully shot DOCUmini, they find a rice farmer in China, Texas who has found exactly what he was looking for in life.

Great piece and done very well, its videos like this, and traveling to some of the great American cities that are outside of the major markets, do I find myself romanticizing everything I love about our country. There is no way that I will ever be the type of guy who sells everything I own, cashes out from my job, and then buy a small piece of land in a place like Columbus Ohio or Missouri or in some back woods area of Texas…. but I definitely do think about it. And threaten myself all the time that I should just do it.

A big IME salute to Herb because its guys like him that keep and make this country a great place.