Watch :: “After the Fish are Gone”

After the Fish are Gone 1

In “After the Fish are Gone,” we meet Piolin, who stated fishing as a teenager in the small town of Kino. After a long day of work, he sits in his hammock near the shore and talks about what his life on the sea means to him.

After the Fish are Gone 2

This was an interesting video to watch because I just read the title and started watching without looking at the synopsis to see what it was about. I thought it was one of those sustainability videos describing how we are continuing to drain the crop of fishys in the sea…. and it started off, seemingly like it talking about that. But then, it switches up, and there is talk about drug dealers, the yayo and crystal meth!

After the Fish are Gone 3

But then the more you think about it as you watch the video, I started drawing parallels to fishing in Mexico and farming in America, and how its a dying art form not necessarily because the talent pool and understanding isnt there but more because the lifestyle of a fisherman, or a farmer, is not something that the youth want to live anymore. Things like that take dedication and a resolve and a discipline that just, on a lot of levels, isnt worth it anymore when you see all of the other things you can do. Its an interesting premise, especially given the fact that the predecessors did the job so well and as it got industrialized, they over did it.

Maybe I read too much in to it, but its an interesting watch anyways. Check it out below.